Harvesting the Luna

She was unlike the others, she bloomed out of the rarest and unique of existence seed, she was very precious but hunted down for that reason, by the ambitious and selfish, savage “animals”, the mankind. Had no name as she was conscious but matured unlike any new born, her eyes were Amethyst, and her hair was of a beautiful red shade, like Ruby. The naive in the town would say her hair was blood red because she was a bloodthirsty abomination or perhaps an alien that sprouted to destroy the world, the little that was left of the last war, that she was the bringer of the latest war ever, the war of wars, the end of it all.

“Every night, I enjoy looking at the Moon’s light, it’s illumination against my skin makes me feel cleansed and energized, don’t you feel that? I feel safe when staring at it’s beauty” she said to a soldier named Oscar, who was keeping an eye on the strange girl that was called by his captain, an alien abomination. Out of fear of what who she is or what she is but keeping himself being courteous, he asked with a blank face “What is your name, ma’am?” he looked at her and noticed how she was scared and confused, that confusing silence of hers as she struggled to give any answer, then she said “Well…I had never been given a name, never thought of naming myself, I don’t know what I would say to that question”, the soldier softly smiled at her and said, “Luna. That is your name from now on.”, she smiled at his suggestion and nodded in agreement, happily.

Luna was like every new born life, willing to explore, adventure, discover, enjoy life, all she saw was beauty even though the rest of mankind could notice the devastation left after the war and the slowly death sentence they were going through since they lacked of supplies to survive, but Luna was seeing life, she was seeing that there was something beautiful since her arrival. She had many questions about the world, the history, the past generations but she kept it to herself in hopes of surprisingly finding the answers in a sudden moment, it thrilled her. She wasn’t ware that most humans died in war, countries were against each other, fighting to hold the power, that only one nation would rule the entire world, it was a fight for nothing, now they have to move past their war and try to help each other, sadly…most of the humans killed were women and children, wives and the sons/daughters of the soldiers from enemy teams, sacrificed while hostages to hurt them, to show authority upon one another. Luna was the last female human left, and it made no difference to men, they all would see her as a monster, with the possibility she came from outer space to destroy humanity, that she was not one of them.

She was not born from two humans, but nature itself, that’s how she was born, sprouted from a seed on the soil, the same soil that was dry and dead, yet it brought life, the most magnificent gift nature gave to the humans once again, but they are willing to destroy her. Her existence is the reason to end existence itself and not by her own will or her fault. Nature intentionally stored in Luna the most powerful and massive energy that could wipe the entire world if she were destroyed, Nature hoped that mankind will not make the same mistake.

A couple of soldiers were talking nearby where Luna was sitting, outside of the refuge camp, they said to each other “She breaks the laws of nature, she wasn’t born like us, she did not came from a woman’s womb, that THING is not human, why would we keep her among us? it is a threat, we need to get rid of her”, the other said in agreement “Oh yeah, you are right, no “human” is born from a seed on dry and dead soil where we can’t even grow a single plant, and her eyes? they aren’t eyes, those are gems…that you know, we could use to trade with the other camps for more supplies. She might be an alien trying to extinct us, her life over us, is not worth it. Kill her, I say” Oscar, the soldier that was among the group remained silent, thoughtful, thinking to himself “I can’t believe we have lost humanity, this saddens me, but we are all scared” he then told the others “But guys, aren’t we the ones responsible of almost our extinction, over a war about power? we wiped 75% of  our population, as an army, this…this is just a girl” he was trying to convince them to not make the same mistake again, but his words were ignored.

He looked to the way Luna was sitting, he watched her look almost hypnotized by the Moon as she was smiling, she was happy. The captain approached to Oscar and said “Soldier, I need you to go get her for me, and send her to the lab, since she trusts you, it will be easier for you to attack her. Smack her on the back of her head unconscious and bring her to the lab room, if you don’t do this, you will prove to be unworthy of keeping our nation safe…therefore you will be executed, so we save our supplies, I will still send another man to do it, but I want you to be the one, you will be more gentle because you care for her” he laughed manically as he said this and walked away. Oscar looked down in sadness, the captain was right, he cared for Luna, she was like the sister he lost at war, sadly he could not disobey the order, the Captain would still send someone else and he thought  “better me than someone that’s heartless and brutal” he slowly walked near her, stood behind her and smacked her on the back of her head with his rifle, laving her unconscious. He started crying looking at her body on the ground, so fragile, so innocent…remembering her last expression to be of a relaxing smile, enjoying what she saw in the world, and it’s sky, he wrapped his arms around her, picked her fragile body and carried her with care as he walked into the lab room, he looked at the captain smiling, in joy of the terrible action he made Oscar commit. Oscar was furious but he gently lies Luna on the table and tells the captain “I will not be here to see this barbaric decision of yours, Captain. I did my part so I’m gone from this room”

The Captain did not care for Oscar’s words and he quickly restrained Luna on the table, then told to the other soldier “Wait for her to be awake, I need you to scoop out her gem of eyes, I need those Amethyst, and I want her to feel how she loses her value here, on this table, by us. Aliens shouldn’t be thinking they can overpower us, they should fear us” the other soldier nodded and smiled in joy, for he was also comfortable with barbaric actions after all they went through, this was going to be easy.

Twenty minutes later, she wakes up scared and cried for help “Oscar! please let me go” the captain approached to her and said “Oscar is not here, he left after he brought you, and no, nobody will release you” she started crying desperately in fear, feeling helpless for she had nobody to care for her, no family that will miss her. The other soldier who stood by the captain the whole time, grabbed a scoop spatula and asked the Captain “Do I do it now, SIr?” The captain smiled and nodded at him, the soldier quickly approached to Luna and started scooping her eyes out, one by one, all that was heard was her agonizing cries of pain, her tears were purple, as amethyst that was being melted.

The Captain angrily yelled at Luna as she cried in pain “You are responsible of all of the things to come and I am going to stop that, so save yourself the cries and the act of being innocent, you damned alien abomination” she sobbed and looked at him answering “You mankind are the ones responsible of all destruction, and that is the irony, I have come to life to live life, just like any of us do, I don’t know how I came to this world, but so you don’t, you humans don’t know your origin either and yet you judge me…” she said all this words crying in pain, softly. “You have taken my eyes, and now I can’t see the Moon again…it saddens me, but I am alive” The Captain interrupted “Oh honey, you won’t be alive any long. Soldier, kill this fucking bitch”.

Oscar was outside staring at the Moon in the memory of Luna, he kept hearing her faint crying from afar and he noticed how the Moon shattered, he was startled and ran back into the lab room to stop the mistake “Captain, she is the energy we need in our world, you are destroying that, stop it please!” The Captain laughed at him and said “Pathetic, Oscar. This is not your little sister, this is a damn abomination. She will be destroyed and I will save the world” The other soldier held a long knife and looked at both Oscar and the Captain “Will you make up your mind?” he said. The Captain furiously told the soldier “I said, you kill that bitch, Oscar is nobody so do it as I say”

Oscar tried to stop the mistake and he left the room in disappointment, sat down where Luna used to sit down and looked at the shattered Moon, then the loudest scream Luna ever made in agonizing pain as she was stabbed in the heart, releasing the energy that Nature stored inside her, that massively powerful energy that incinerated the entire planet in a split second.

Men have failed Nature again, because they can’t overcome their fear of what they can’t understand.


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