I slightly open my eyes and I hear the faint screams of my mother from afar, “she has gone, she has gone!” it’s all I heard, what was she talking about? we were at a park and I was just here enjoying the grass on my back and the breeze caressing all my skin. Suddenly, my very angry mother grabs me by my arm, pulling me up and yelling at me, “How dare you, how dare you ignore the fact that your little sister is gone, you should be helping instead of being so fucking selfish”.

I had not a word to respond to her, but I stared at her very angry, because whatever happens is “always” my fault, I walk away and just speak to my father instead, “where did you last see her?”, he was sobbing and taking a while to respond so I yelled at him “I AM ASKING YOU, WHERE WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW HER?” he looked at me and said “she was just in the swinger with the other kids, right there by that big tree”.  I looked at the tree and it was just so tall and wide, I thought she might be hiding back there, so I look around it…did not find her, simply found a little pearl just thrown right there in front of me, thought it might belong to one of the noisy children that have been running around, not even concerned that the friend they were playing with, my sister, has vanished.

“Hey kids! do you know what’s this?” one little boy quickly ran to me, picked it up from my hands and smiled at me, then he responded “It’s what the fairy always drops when she finds a new treasure, to show us how grateful she is”, as fascinating it sounded I asked the boy again “Tell me the truth, do you know where is this from? it was just at the spot where my sister was last seen, and I need to find her”. The little boy got worried and looked down as he told me “…the red-haired girl on a pink dress, is that your sister?” I frown concerned about how worried he got when he recognized who I am looking for, “so, do you know where she is gone to?” I asked the little boy, to which he answered “I don’t know, but they say the fairy takes them to the other side of the waterfall in a river nearby, I won’t show you where, I am scared…” the little boy ran away, he was seriously scared.

I go back to my parents, who were busy talking to the cops, asking for help on the search of my sister and I interrupt their chatter “Hey mom, dad? I am going on a mission myself to find her” I looked at the cop and saw he did not even care a bit to try find her, so I had to do it. My mother yelled at me “You are not going anywhere”and abruptly sobbing, she says “I am not losing you either”, I told her “Well, sadly I am still going to do it” and I walked away, to find that river the kid mentioned. I must be insane enough to believe this kid’s fairy tale, but the look on his face was quite convincing.

The road on the way to the river was actually the most beautiful place I have seen, flowers of every kind and color, the green, just pure emerald-green, every leaf and grass bathed on droplets of the humidity in there. I finally see the river and the waterfall. The water was falling over rocks that sort of made a face of a woman, it looked like the rocks were crying, that could be why the little boy said it was the fairy. I stopped for a few seconds and laughed at myself, thinking of how stupid the idea of just getting in there, getting all my clothes wet, believing there is an entrance behind the waterfall, that there could actually be a “kidnapping fairy”, but then I asked myself “what am I going to lose for trying, Sara might be in there, scared and confused, I have to.

As soon as I jump into the river and start heading closer to the waterfall I could hear faint screams, I started being extremely frightened, my heartbeat was strong enough that I could think it was right by my ear, I kept going until I finally stand behind the waterfall. There was no entrance, I was simply standing on a spot where the falling water looked like curtains to me. I felt stupid, thinking how my parents would just think I left to have some fun swimming instead of looking for my sister. A fisherman saw me, laughing at me, then yelled “If you believe in that stupid myth of the fairy that cried enough to create this river, you are wasting your time. Get out of there, kid…you can hurt yourself” I breathe with disappointment and got out of there as quickly as I could, but I told the fisherman about the pearl by the ancient tree and my missing sister. He said “your sister is dead, is all I can say, go home with your parents and stay safe” I got angry because I needed more than just that so I asked him again, in a very irritated tone “Dead? why the Hell would she be dead, how? why? and who did that?” He grabbed the beer can he just finished drinking and tells me “Do you fucking think I know everything, kid?, all I know is that anyone that goes missing in that spot and a pearl is left behind is dead. My little sister, 43 years ago vanished the same way as yours, and here I am pretending that I am fishing, but in reality I am hoping she just appears again” as I heard this, I started to panic, wondering what exactly could be capable of that, in just a slight second, in the blink of an eye, that person is just gone, forever maybe, but what does that pearl mean, why is that left behind? to torture myself with all these sickening questions and doubts I have, the worrying for her?

I walked back to that ancient tree, I was all soaked, looked like a total mess, and I could faintly hear my parents yelling at me, but I was purposely ignoring them, focusing on what was up with that tree, gently and carefully I touched it trying to feel if there was something abnormal, but it was just a tree like any other. I turned around to tell my parents the sad news and the story of the poor fisherman who lives now all bitter because of what happened to his sister, but sadly I was in a strange room, I was confused and felt nauseous, did I got taken away too? I did not see anyone, or anything by my side when it happened, and I could be millions of miles away, how the Hell is that possible in just a second? I carefully looked around and saw my sister tied up in a strange table, I also saw an old lady in there, both of them with tubes all over their arms, probably to keep them alive, or feed them. But I knew who they all were. I asked the old lady, who I assume was the fisherman’s sister “Where is this place? can you please tell me?” She cried and said “we are in Hell…we are being punished for touching the sanctified Lady’s tears before they would fall to the river, those curtains we call the waterfall, it upsets her…so here we are” That is not possible, there was no lady around me when I vanished! You must be delus-, she interrupted me before I finished “Girl, the nature work altogether, the tree…that’s the portal, did you see the pearl too?” I said “Yes, and a little boy told me it was left by the fairy as a sign of gratitude” the old lady smiled and nodded as she said “Yes, she is grateful to have collect more souls of the naive and disrespectful children, that pearl, is just dried up soul’s shell hidden in something beautiful, something that will make the living remember you….oh, yes…we are dead”.


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