[A Royalty without Loyalty]

Many years ago, during an unknown timeline, a King and a Queen had two beautiful children, twins in fact. A boy and a girl, the King was joyful to have his male heir, he told the Queen “The heir shall be the first one to born, he was born in the daylight, under the Sun’s warm light” the Queen smiled in agreement and said “and she was born under the Moon’s light, quite calm and silent, she will make a great noble woman that will listen to us in order to succeed in life, a true mother figure she would make, the best in the world and all the worlds”

But one day, a very evil old man snuck into the castle and took away the newborn boy, thinking “oh what a lovely bounty you will give me, seeing as you are a royal male heir meant to save the land, I shall raise you will my swarm of all evils and change the oncoming pasts” he manically laughed as he ran out of the castle without the guards ever noticing his very own foul presence.

Many years after the King’s son was taken away has passed, he loved both his children very much equally, but as the Queen said, the girl was born under the energy of a very peaceful, calm and silent Moon that night, she couldn’t rule the kingdom for she would be easily fooled and dethroned because her kindness wouldn’t allow her to admit the evil in the world. The King never gave up on her, though, he spent all the years, as she grew up, training her sword fighting skills, trying to find the strength in her, even if it was just physical strength. The Queen was very furious by this and told the King “she is not our boy, let her be the maiden she wants to be” The king ignored her, as for the girl would remain silent and not give any opinion because she truly had no opinion about her life, she only had one thing in mind. She looked at her father and said “I must find my brother, I shall bring the balance back home, this is why I haven’t hesitate to become strong as you want me to be, father”
The King laughed and asked her “why do you think strength will serve you on finding your brother? We need location, not a fight, that’s what the guards are for”, the girl smiled after hearing this and said “correct, they are the reason my brother was taken away”. The King was a bit furious, but not with her, but with the fact she was right, so he did not oppose to her willing quest of finding where the boy was.

The young lady grabbed all of her armor, her weapon and her horse from the stables to head into the place the King mostly feared, thinking “Well if they wanted to hide something valuable from the King, that’s where it would be, the Forest of All Disappointments” she took a deep breath before setting on her way, because she was still insecure of her strength. Once in the forest she encountered a beautiful castle, it was pure white, reminded her of the Moon she loves to stare at during the night and she wondered “a King would steal from another King for power competence, I think that’s where my brother could be”. She jumped off the horse and told to it “as you were trained, if I am not out in 5 hours, go home and drop this letter in front of the gate” she gently put the letter, which had a little piece of string waxed to its edge, and braided it on the horses’ hair”, petted the horse as she said ” if I do come out, though, I will dispose of it, so worry not and just wait”. She knocked on the castle’s gate, and nobody responded until a few hours later. A very tall and gloomy looking man opened the door with a hollow grin on his face as he remained silent. “Sir, I am looking for the King of his castle, I want to make a deal with him. Is he available?” The man kept staring at her while grinning at her but no answer. “Sir? Hello? Do you understand my language?…the people in the forest may speak something e–” she got interrupted by the King of the Pure castle, “I’m sorry young…Maiden? Soldier? My servant here is quite unfamiliar with guests, we really never have anyone come in here, you see how it’s well hidden? We were banished by the other castle and their royalty…those traitors!” He said that slightly getting more furious by every word spoken and then he calmed and looked at her and said “I’m sorry, I don’t meant to scare you, come inside young lady”

She walked into the castle and unlike the outside, it was pure dark, there was no lightning in, not even torches on the walls, and the walls were mossy and grey bricks, the humidity and the lack of the Sun light has made it look terrible inside, every window was sealed ,it scared the girl very much. “Why do you have to live in such a dark place, King of the Pure castle?” The King answered right after sitting on his throne, “Well, the story, in a short version, is that two who are born in the same day and cannot rule a kingdom, so one had to be sent away by the father to keep things balanced” as she heard this she started shaking with fear and joy at same time, the king she was looking at, was her brother, she found him, she smiled at him and said “Brother it’s me, I know we only lasted a few hours beside each other but my parents never rested thinking of where you had been, you were not sent away, you were taken from us. I became a soldier of some sort, just to gain the strength enough so I could find you again” He felt confused by hearing all of this, he told her “stay here” he remained quiet after that as he walked around the room and later on he walked into another room.

The young lady was wondering what was happening, she saw it was close for her horse to leave, she waited patiently though, as she knew her mission that she worried for, in her whole life, was finally completed. Meanwhile the king was in his “Father’s” personal room, the creepy grinning man who opened the gates for the maiden, and asked him “What does she mean I was taken away? You told me you found me at the gates of this castle of yours with a note that the King of the other side did not want two heirs, you offered me your love and gave me this kingdom but why?, please explain me what’s going on!” the man stopped grinning and started frowning as he said “I want you to understand how it feels like to be banished from your home, Kingdom, because your father really wouldn’t have like you and your sister to compete over the throne, previous families have murder each other for it, that’s why I am apart from my brother, who is your father. I did a favor to you, gave you your own kingdom to rule and avoided a heart-aching but tragic story to your family” the King was angry but relieved and content that he felt that he was already home and had no need to go back to the other side “So.. what do we do now? She wants to leave the place with me, and if you go against it, she might slay you” the King said this and the young lady was listening to the conversation behind the door. The man said “Well, the reason I was smiling it’s because, she no doubt, looks quite delicious, I was thinking we should have her for dinner, as we had previously with the people who attempted to get something from us” The King, her brother, agreed to this and she was in fear, but remained calmed as she was born, and just pretended that she heard nothing. The man said “Just tell her that she should stay here for the night before you go back with her, lie to her, pretend that you’re truly happy being with her once again”.

The King and The Man walked out of the room and saw the young lady sitting by the dinning table, she said to them “I’m quite hungry, aren’t you, my dear brother?” And smiled at him with a look of pure love and joy. “I want you to sit by my side so we can have dinner together as I have longed for, so many years”. The King smiled and nodded politely “Fair enough, we both deserve it” and he sat right by her side. The Man was quite joyful seeing that she was falling for it “he started to grin again as he walked into the kitchen “to bring the food”, which really was that he will be looking for every necessary tool to keep a soldier like her, stay still, and be nicely cooked, he wanted her cooked alive. It was a more pleasant revenge upon his brother, destroying both his children differently and leaving the other side with nothing but grief.

The King smiled at his sister while waiting on The Man, she said “You know, I’m happy we could meet before death. I’m sorry for everything you have gone through, but from now on, things we will be back the way they were meant to be” she reached him to give him a hug, she was holding a knife that was well hidden, with the knife she stabbed his brother’s neck rapidly and held him as he bled to death. “I’m sorry father, I’m sorry brother, but you have shown to be the weak and the fool, fool enough to not see that The Man never gave a damn about you, you allowed the insecurity and depression of an evil old man manipulate you, not worth of any realm. May you rest in peace” she got up and stood by the kitchens door hiding to the side against the wall, waiting to strike against The Man. As he walked out with ropes and axes to butcher her he looked around seeing nobody was there anymore “where the Hell did these two go to?” As he says this, the young lady was right behind him and stabbed him on his knees to make him fall on the ground, incapacitated. “I’m sorry, sir…Uncle?” He was in shock realizing she heard his plan all along and screamed loudly as she approached her knife right into his throat, and she stabbed him once more, but this time it was to death. She wanted to let him know how he had failed, to suffer one last time for all he had done in the name of revenge. “This was not revenge, I did nothing but free you both from idiocy and grudge, which is not worthy for any man. May you rest in peace” she later on decided to get rid off their bodies so she butchered them and decided to consume them as they were going to do to her.

Days later she decided to go home, now that everything was cleaned up. She took a deep breath and walked outside the gates, the horse was still there. “Stubborn horse but loyal, that’s why I brought you with me. It’s all over, we go home now” she stripped the letter off the horse’s braid and headed back home to give her father the wonderful news.

And this is how the one born to be weak, had defied fate and became stronger, stronger than any who ever ruled any kingdom, her calm attitude helped her focus on her missions, her patience made their actions perfectly performed, her constant silence among others kept her from getting in trouble. That, that is pure strength, and makes one to be worthy of the most valuable. For mankind has been easily deceived having and not having her traits, but she fought back everyday, constantly, telling herself she would be and get to be wherever she desired without letting others description about herself drive her off her path.


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