“Many years after today, a little boy was laying on the ground by my side, connecting his head with mine as we looked upon the Night Sky and its Stars that were dancing in a spiral form, looking as if they were falling into an invisible void, never ending. The boy asked “Whenever I see the triangle pass by the circle, do I have to choose one of them or can I just stay here and watch?” I softly smiled as his question was somewhat associated with other current issues our society was going through, as the Earth kept dancing in Space. The most curious thing was, that all we were seeing, it was colorless. To the left side of me there was a pillar with a circle-shaped Lightning was trapped and guarded by a rabid dog, to the right side of me there was a triangle-shaped Lightning trapped and guarded by a couple from an ancient tribe that was resurrected without the permission of the Nature’s law of order. Everything was beautiful, including the dangerous living things around us, the gravity slowly decaying and letting us fall into an unknown and probably infinite abyss, even though there was no color, it could trigger more emotions in my soul than any color that could ever exist.”


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