Stranded Warrior

With my eyes closed I could still hear the sound of the rain as it fell on the ground, I feel so exhausted so I try to slowly open my eyes.Some of the images I immediately gazed at, I could hear the sounds of it before it was even seen…my emotions? they are all mixed up right now, I feel somehow excited, concerned, a bit worried but I just stand and look around me. I notice that I am among other people wearing uniforms, not all are the same but they gave the similar type of message, soldiers, we are all soldiers here. I suppose the quality of the gear we are wearing is according to our social class because I’m wearing the worse rag I could have never imagine myself in this position.Suddenly I stopped feeling worried as I see a familiar face approach to me and smiling tells me “Are you excited about today? we are going to buy things at the mall that we will use in the field trip” I could see that she was a friend of mine even though I had no idea of her name, how and why we are friends. I wanted to interrupt her chatter and ask all of these questions but I didn’t because I knew what was happening at the moment might not even real, I could still be dreaming that I’m dreaming, the best I could do was smile back and continue as it was normal. The most curious thing about the platoon I was in, was this little guy…at first I thought he was a dwarf or something similar until I am told that he is just a 7 years old kid whose parents forced into the military to protect the child from the corrupt kids in the civilian life.

And here we start marching, chanting words I never heard of before but I knew all of it, I start to feel like I’m somehow programmed, ironically, that’s what every soldier is, isn’t it? Well why complain about something I apparently decided to be, I shouldn’t and that’s for sure, but I had the feeling that something was not quite right, a little loose screw on what’s meant to hold my world in the right place, it starts raining a lot so we decide not to go shopping as we were to, we head back to our camp and there I sit in the tent, staring outdoors and thinking of what exactly am I missing, I could feel there was part of me missing and I needed to find it, perhaps I’m just homesick, homesick of a place that I don’t really know where it is or if it actually IS existent. I tell my friend by my side, her name was Elisa, I say “I’m sorry I have been very quiet today, I’m feeling very out-of-place and I am not sure why”, Elisa chuckled a little and looked at me while slowly shaking her head “You know, it’s normal, to feel out of place…because that’s exactly where we are right now. You are fine, we will be fine”. I didn’t want to over-think about what I just heard so I let a sigh come out of me and I close my eyes again, hearing the same rain I did before I woke up today.This time I’m awaken by the ‘little guy’, even though he tugged my shirt and shook me awake, he looked extremely adorable. He haves very dark brown eyes, pale round face and rosy cheeks, curly dark brown hair and wearing a little military uniform but missing the cap, he reminded me so much of my brother I just smiled at him and I ask “What is wrong? you almost gave me a heart attack” All he says is “I need to go home, mother is waiting for me. Please take me there, I’ll show you where it is” to which I reply “We can’t leave, this is our place now, this is where we work” and he frowns and insists, saying “But is not out of the camp! please take me there”, I take a deep breath, calmly and smiling at him, then I grab his hand and let him follow me to this place he calls “home”. We walked about 2 hours around the area, as soon as he stops walking all I notice is that we are just standing on a field full of sand, there was nothing else but sand. “is it here? are you sure of it?”- I asked. He just grabs a pocket knife he had, I am startled because I thought he was gonna do something crazy, I mean, knives are weapons. But I see him kneel and just stabs the sand we are standing. He says, “There! we must wait until they respond my knock” I remain silent as I watch and pay attention to the silence around me and make sure I can react over whatever that was going to respond to us. Suddenly, after a few 10-15 minutes the ground gently shakes and I see a gigantic centipede-looking creature sprout out of the sand, I move back quickly as I see it leaning down to us, I didn’t want anything bad to happen, I was AWOL from the camp. The little boy yells at me “no, you have to trust it, let it swallow you in, that’s how we get there”, obviously from where I feel I truly come from, that is not a natural thing to happen, I refuse and I believe the kid is looking for the type of home afterlife. “No, we have to go! we can’t risk ourselves into this silly thing, let’s leave right now. Please” the kid, runs towards the creature and it gets swallowed by it, I was enraged, fell on my knees and angrily decided to grab the knife he left, I felt it was all my fault, after all…he was a minor under my sight, from my platoon. I run towards the creature and try to kill it. What was I thinking, really? that a little knife would destroy that? am I just doing anything stupid out of anger? Most likely. But I got swallowed in as well.

To my surprise, I did not die, or well..that’s how it seemed. But I was just in a very strange area, my surroundings looked like the inside of an abandoned ancient ship, a metal one, a bit rusty…dust everywhere, some of the sand in. I notice that wherever I got in from had the shape of a placenta, I could see the little kid in one of them inside, like we were consumed by that creature safely getting us underground in a form that looks like being carried in a gigantic womb from a metal “being”, I see him in a placenta and i grab the knife and cut it open, he slides out of it and coughs and thanks me to bring him back to his mom. I suppose his mother is that ship…the underground was home. It started making a little sense to me in this weird reality I was standing on. I ask the kid “is there a way for me to get out of your Mother?” he was a bit thoughtful and then answers “oh yes, I have some Jellyfishes that can fly you back up, if you want?” I didn’t even question the logic of it but of course I want to get out of there so I agree with it. Seems like he was right, they did fly my up to the surface. Even though all of these strange events were causing me a little of confusion and headaches, I was very glad I helped him, he is glad to be home I can go back to the camp feeling at peace.

As soon as I get back to the camp I see every tent all knocked over the places, the fireplaces were recently blown off, no wind, no rain, something happened and I could see it, I was sure of it. I’m pretty scared now because I am all by myself, from afar I notice these “soldiers” they clearly are not allies, not part of my crew, I knew they were enemies, I could feel it, I hid between some trees near the camp and carefully watched them. These things weren’t human at all, whatever they were, they were vicious, physically they looked like some type of reptilian, not the kind I had ever seen before or anyone had, the kind of what we would only believe true from a very horrific nightmare. They had head similar to an alligator’s, the body of a lizard, their arms were tentacles with a sharp nail that looked just like a blade, it could stretch up to 40 yards as I could notice one grabbing another of their kind and stabbing him that way killing it instantly in half a second and proceeded to suck on his neck, draining some power out of him, it seemed. As soon as it was done feeding on his partner he became stronger, bigger and faster. I was so scared, I could run as fast as I wanted but they could reach me anytime if they gained more power, I couldn’t get any near and fight them, I’d be dead in half a second or less like what I have just seen. I slowly walk in the woods trying to find where I could hide. Walking all the way downhill slowly I thought I could probably go back safely to my home, but then I remembered I am not even sure where exactly I am or who I am, but I want to get out of there safely, be back home, and have the normal life I had before I closed my eyes for the first time. I stopped to listen my surroundings, I stopped thinking as well, my thoughts never allow me to clearly listen, my mind has a voice off its own. I heard branches snap and I knew it was them smelling me from afar, trying to find me and not sure what would happen if I’m found. I run forward trying to find a place to hide until I just notice a little cave underground, the entrance to the cave was half closed, it was from the surface going straight down to the core of Earth but not deep at all, enough to hide my entire body, though. so that’s what I do, I dive in it and on the only half that’s left on the entrance I slowly scratch that  “ceiling” making enough space for an opening  so I can breathe in some air and not drown, because I am not sure if I will have to stay here forever. When demons suddenly appear to be chasing you, it is a risk to take, you either face it or just run for your life. I chose to run for my life and I’m not sure why because I wasn’t even sure if I was living at all, I simply had a mission in mind. I had to go home, I had to be back to my home that lost its balance. It’s the reason why I’m stranded because I let my world fall apart or because I just don’t know who I am? That is what I keep asking myself, today, as I remain underwater.


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