Nothing Is Something From Nowhere

One night, as I was sitting on my bed staring straight forward to my wall, I became extremely drowsy with no known reason. My vision turned blurry, my entire body became numb and my head would slightly shake side to side as it was too heavy to remain still, you could say I just started getting out of balance, losing myself in a way? or perhaps I was just on my way to where I truly belong, beyond the current reality and time I’m so persistently fighting against. It was a short battle that lasted a few seconds, shorter than one word could describe, I could see the other side as I was crossing by, while my eyes couldn’t hold it’s windows open anymore.


A tingling sensation all under my skin as I feel like part of my energy inside it’s falling down into a non-existent abyss that lies inside me, I wonder if I hit that end I would completely lose my entire consciousness or perhaps go even beyond that. The things I was looking at, before I started crossing the other side, suddenly became like flashing little lights that would travel like desperate fleeing bugs, I could hear those images buzzing as their speed slowed down, heavy eyelids and extremely light body does not quite synchronize and I have lost my balance. I could keep fighting it or just let myself go. Finally the windows are closed, a sudden darkness passes by. “I made it to the other side I was trying to run from” it’s all I could think of as I was looking right into an empty valley of forgotten winds where the sleeping carrion travel with. I wasn’t looking for anything, but it found me either way, the light, the entrance to the actual reality. I could not run from it, I could not hide, in just a blink…I was shown that nothing I have lived was ever true and that it all was nothing but a dream. The dream of a delusional mind


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