An Unexpected Meeting

It was 1am when the howling winds announced the presence of the darkness as it began surrounding this house, as I heard from afar, the echoing footsteps heading towards my current position blended with the strange silenced that suddenly fell upon us, making it known that silence itself is something worse to fear compared to the unknown and strange sounds, for it tends to be broken by a sudden noise that startles our senses.

Not long has passed for me to decided on checking how our “Night Star” was shinning above us, as it’s well-known that The Moon is always strangely related to every uncommon change in our world, encoded through shape, hue and strength of its brightness which it possess. Now, to my surprise, The Moon was gone or maybe it was never there? I only knew that this was just five minutes after the wind wrapped itself around me, with it’s eerie howling causing the Lights to run from where they belong, it’s just The Storm.

The footsteps finally stopped, right in front of me, a faint voice was coming from the shadowy humanoid shape, a silhouette, but the voice’s words weren’t something comprehend…just as it weren’t from this world, at the moment I could not see what or who it was right here in my room, there was not a single spark of light just pure darkness and a heavy silence. I could not even hear my own breathing, even though my heart was beating extremely fast and I could feel as it were going to jump out through my chest, I could not even hear the beatings. I was extremely afraid of this “unknown visitor” and more afraid I was to not be able to see its face or encode what exactly were the meanings of those words. I was too scared to even scream for help, there could be far more in this dark space than I could perceive so I remained silent until the time had come.

A sudden lightning strikes and I was able to recognize the face, the face was of a man, and that man was myself. The odds are that in this very strange night the absence of the night star caused my reflection to separate from its origin, making it go wild and live on its own, simply because the light was no more. As much as this scared me, I have come to gratefully realize, to understand that we can’t even recognize ourselves, not even in the silent dark while by yourself, not even leaving your own side, not even knowing that you are just afraid of getting to know the unknown in the depth of your mind. This is how fear was born in this world, in my world, for the first time known to myself.

“Man fears men upon his own reflection which is the only known reason his mind can comprehend”


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