I haven’t post over a year. Why?

Honestly, I don't know where to begin with this, besides the fact I was co-writing with a close friend of mine and he passed away, my mind kind of avoids trying to write again, gotten into other artistic hobbies like painting more, sculpting things with porcelain clay. I am well and I am alive, though.... Continue Reading →



It was just another day, but the unusual was about to happen. It was the day when everything in my life changed, not just for me though. Everyone's lives changed after that day. A thunderstorm hit us, the sky was gloomy. I never really payed attention to it as it was happening, but when I... Continue Reading →

Harvesting the Luna

She was unlike the others, she bloomed out of the rarest and unique of existence seed, she was very precious but hunted down for that reason, by the ambitious and selfish, savage "animals", the mankind. Had no name as she was conscious but matured unlike any new born, her eyes were Amethyst, and her hair... Continue Reading →


I slightly open my eyes and I hear the faint screams of my mother from afar, "she has gone, she has gone!" it's all I heard, what was she talking about? we were at a park and I was just here enjoying the grass on my back and the breeze caressing all my skin. Suddenly, my... Continue Reading →

[A Royalty without Loyalty]

Many years ago, during an unknown timeline, a King and a Queen had two beautiful children, twins in fact. A boy and a girl, the King was joyful to have his male heir, he told the Queen "The heir shall be the first one to born, he was born in the daylight, under the Sun's... Continue Reading →


"Many years after today, a little boy was laying on the ground by my side, connecting his head with mine as we looked upon the Night Sky and its Stars that were dancing in a spiral form, looking as if they were falling into an invisible void, never ending. The boy asked "Whenever I see... Continue Reading →

Nothing Is Something From Nowhere

One night, as I was sitting on my bed staring straight forward to my wall, I became extremely drowsy with no known reason. My vision turned blurry, my entire body became numb and my head would slightly shake side to side as it was too heavy to remain still, you could say I just started... Continue Reading →

Stranded Warrior

With my eyes closed I could still hear the sound of the rain as it fell on the ground, I feel so exhausted so I try to slowly open my eyes.Some of the images I immediately gazed at, I could hear the sounds of it before it was even seen...my emotions? they are all mixed... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Meeting

It was 1am when the howling winds announced the presence of the darkness as it began surrounding this house, as I heard from afar, the echoing footsteps heading towards my current position blended with the strange silenced that suddenly fell upon us, making it known that silence itself is something worse to fear compared to... Continue Reading →

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