I haven’t post over a year. Why? — 22 March, 2017

I haven’t post over a year. Why?

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin with this, besides the fact I was co-writing with a close friend of mine and he passed away, my mind kind of avoids trying to write again, gotten into other artistic hobbies like painting more, sculpting things with porcelain clay.

I am well and I am alive, though. I am considering writing again soon. I shall overcome this trauma. 🙂

Brainwaves — 3 October, 2015


It was just another day, but the unusual was about to happen. It was the day when everything in my life changed, not just for me though. Everyone’s lives changed after that day.

A thunderstorm hit us, the sky was gloomy. I never really payed attention to it as it was happening, but when I think of it now, it must have been a sign for what was to come, or perhaps the weather itself guided me throughout my actions. “Father, I’m joining the militia, I want to fight and save lives.” I was telling my father while he kept pressing the TV controller going through every channel and shaking his head slowly because of what I said, he then replies “That is nonsense, child. You are just 18, do you even know what you really want? Really want?” He frowned at me. Of course I wasn’t sure so I lowered my head a little and took a deep breathe. “Can’t you just let me try? I know it scares you, and mostly because I’m a girl who tends to fear cockroaches, you think I’m not capable, right?…I have chosen what to do. Sorry father, I have to meet my best friend and give her the good news…maybe she will be glad” I walked out the door and walked to my friend’s house, she lived 10 mins from where I lived just by foot.

I looked down in front of her house entrance and read the “welcome” may, I chuckled and tapped it with my foot, feeling how the raindrops had made it all squishy, and suddenly she opens the door “Oh Alice! It’s you!” She hugged me and smiled and then I tell her “Did you already know? Who told you?”, she was laughing and pulled me into the house “Well, your father texts my father all the time while watching the football games so he told my dad right away as you left your house! I’m excited that you chose to do such a brave thing for the country” I sat down and grabbed the tea cup she was handing me and I said “Well…the main reason I’m going to join is because of your brother, Alex. I still am in love with him. I thought it would be kind of romantic to be in battle with him! Haha” and as I said that, he walked in. “Hey, Ana! I am going to pick up some food. Want something?” I blushed and looked away pretending he wasn’t there as she shakes her head at him and says “I am fine for now.”

My day with my best friend had gone so well, I walked back home and found my father handing a toolbox to Ana’s father. “I’m home, going to sleep” I said and walked upstairs to my room. As soon as I got on the bed I started thinking of how wonderful boot camp was going to be. “It’s going to be in a week…” I said to myself and took a deep breathe, trying to not overthink and get nervous of my choice.

A week later I was leaving for boot camp, my siblings were waving at me telling me to collect the skulls of the enemies and bring them home, I laughed at their silliness, they thought boot camp was going to be like it was a “Call of Duty” game, that was what they thought whenever someone would mention the word “military”.

My first day in boot camp, I was sitting by Alex and we were talking about how half of the field was dried up and the grass was yellow or withered, and the other half was green like emerald and nourished. He said “It’s like a human’s brain, half of it is rotten and dead, the other half is so fresh and alive…oh, did I tell you about our parent’s project?” I dropped my rifle in shock and asked “…do you mean my dad is working again?!” Alex nodded at me and smiled as he got closer and asked in a cheered up tone “Are you surprised? You really thought all he texted with my father was about sport games on TV?! Haha” I looked around and started feeling like a dark and haunting hollowed shadow was about to drain my whole life out of my body, I freaked out and grabbed Alex by his arm as I talked to him in a rough tone “You need to tell me..everything about that fucking project. My dad is a mad man and I don’t like the shit he ever gets into” Alex has never seen me so serious and so mad before, he was shocked and nodded at me as he slowly walked away while I was looking into the nothing, spaced out and thinking of the many possibilities of what my father would be doing.
Boot camp was over, I graduated and was officially a military soldier. All successful and with a new life to start ahead. So I thought. The first thing to do once home was greet everyone with a warm hug and smile, glad of not spending winter in the fields anymore, eating MREs, barely sleep and workout too much, most of the day, it was fun but tiring…and I was glad to feel normal again as I put my casual clothes on.

“Hey dad! You never told me about what you were working with John! Will you tell me now? I’m happy you are doing more than watching those football games” my father simply gave me a cold glare as he shook his head and said “I am grateful you support me. But after your decision…” He cut off and sighed, I demanded an explanation “Father, please! I know it was against you but I did well and for us, all of us. You don’t have to be secretive to me because of doing something you didn’t want me to. I am trying to understand you more and you push me off!” He held me by my shoulders and said to me while looking into my eyes “This is not a war between us, Alice. This is about me protecting you. Please…stay the Hell away from it.” He grabbed his breakfast and sat on the couch, as usual. I was angry, so angry that a tear slipped down my cheek and I walked out, started running to Alex’s house to find out myself.

“Open the door!” I was screaming with anger as I kept knocking the door and nobody would open up. Slammed both my hands against the closed up doors and held my head down looking at the “welcome” mat, ironically knowing I wasn’t welcome because my father probably warned them as I remembered their ritualistic texting and I kicked off the mat to the side and grunted. “I hate everything. Can’t ever be in the clear spot of what is going around me and makes me feel so damned and lost” I turned around and looked at the street, the day was gloomy and humid and then I hear the lock click, turned back and saw Ana with a blank face. “Ana! I’m back home!” I hugged her as she stayed still, she was looking pale and weird. Like she wasn’t human, kind of scared me…actually, it really scared the hell out of me. “Father is in the garage.” She said and walked away in a very monotone way, not her cheerful and jolly self. But I walked to the garage, slowly walking near it and heard John talking on the phone, maybe with my dad…he was saying “You understand this project of ours is life changing, the mankind won’t be the same. Control has always been every man’s ambition-…yeah you are right to not tell her, she is in the military, they would kill us to get this schematic, or use it on all of us. But you and I can choose what to do with it man. We are both the rulers!” I was scared from what I heard but it got worse after that. He kept talking and said “We are the only who have been able to decode the perfect frequency sequence to control everyone’s brainwaves, no matter how different they are, we turn them to the same way, making them follow our orders. This is as close as to figure out how the origin of everything have begun. In the mind-” he stopped talking and yelled “Who’s that? Ana wasn’t commanded to eavesdrop!” I panicked and ran in there and told him “I understand what you and my father have done. It’s…actually genius and I’m proud of you both..” I was telling him while being very nervous as he walked near me angrily and holding an axe, all I was thinking was that he would just slice me into millions of pieces and I was never going to be found…my father cares too much for himself to try stop it from happening. I had to do whatever it took to stay alive. He yelled at me “You..WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO KNOOOOOOW!” He slammed the back of the axe against the wall as he walked towards me and I was telling him “Please don’t do this, I don’t want to die,..I…I am very good friends with my unit’s commander. Let me make them buy your service with this machine. You and the military can work together and control the world…even myself if you wish. Just don’t kill me…” I gulped as I thought of how scared I was to die, I could have been glad to not be part of the coming future and be with my mother in the “other side” if it even existed, but I wanted to live. John laughed and dropped his axe and said “Congratulations, you just sold the whole world for your miserable life. I’m proud. Your father predicted all of this, you were going to do it again. That’s how you let your mother die, wasn’t it?” I started crying as the world ended the way we all used to know it. Now we all serve, we serve because of the one who was afraid.

Harvesting the Luna — 26 August, 2015

Harvesting the Luna

She was unlike the others, she bloomed out of the rarest and unique of existence seed, she was very precious but hunted down for that reason, by the ambitious and selfish, savage “animals”, the mankind. Had no name as she was conscious but matured unlike any new born, her eyes were Amethyst, and her hair was of a beautiful red shade, like Ruby. The naive in the town would say her hair was blood red because she was a bloodthirsty abomination or perhaps an alien that sprouted to destroy the world, the little that was left of the last war, that she was the bringer of the latest war ever, the war of wars, the end of it all.

“Every night, I enjoy looking at the Moon’s light, it’s illumination against my skin makes me feel cleansed and energized, don’t you feel that? I feel safe when staring at it’s beauty” she said to a soldier named Oscar, who was keeping an eye on the strange girl that was called by his captain, an alien abomination. Out of fear of what who she is or what she is but keeping himself being courteous, he asked with a blank face “What is your name, ma’am?” he looked at her and noticed how she was scared and confused, that confusing silence of hers as she struggled to give any answer, then she said “Well…I had never been given a name, never thought of naming myself, I don’t know what I would say to that question”, the soldier softly smiled at her and said, “Luna. That is your name from now on.”, she smiled at his suggestion and nodded in agreement, happily.

Luna was like every new born life, willing to explore, adventure, discover, enjoy life, all she saw was beauty even though the rest of mankind could notice the devastation left after the war and the slowly death sentence they were going through since they lacked of supplies to survive, but Luna was seeing life, she was seeing that there was something beautiful since her arrival. She had many questions about the world, the history, the past generations but she kept it to herself in hopes of surprisingly finding the answers in a sudden moment, it thrilled her. She wasn’t ware that most humans died in war, countries were against each other, fighting to hold the power, that only one nation would rule the entire world, it was a fight for nothing, now they have to move past their war and try to help each other, sadly…most of the humans killed were women and children, wives and the sons/daughters of the soldiers from enemy teams, sacrificed while hostages to hurt them, to show authority upon one another. Luna was the last female human left, and it made no difference to men, they all would see her as a monster, with the possibility she came from outer space to destroy humanity, that she was not one of them.

She was not born from two humans, but nature itself, that’s how she was born, sprouted from a seed on the soil, the same soil that was dry and dead, yet it brought life, the most magnificent gift nature gave to the humans once again, but they are willing to destroy her. Her existence is the reason to end existence itself and not by her own will or her fault. Nature intentionally stored in Luna the most powerful and massive energy that could wipe the entire world if she were destroyed, Nature hoped that mankind will not make the same mistake.

A couple of soldiers were talking nearby where Luna was sitting, outside of the refuge camp, they said to each other “She breaks the laws of nature, she wasn’t born like us, she did not came from a woman’s womb, that THING is not human, why would we keep her among us? it is a threat, we need to get rid of her”, the other said in agreement “Oh yeah, you are right, no “human” is born from a seed on dry and dead soil where we can’t even grow a single plant, and her eyes? they aren’t eyes, those are gems…that you know, we could use to trade with the other camps for more supplies. She might be an alien trying to extinct us, her life over us, is not worth it. Kill her, I say” Oscar, the soldier that was among the group remained silent, thoughtful, thinking to himself “I can’t believe we have lost humanity, this saddens me, but we are all scared” he then told the others “But guys, aren’t we the ones responsible of almost our extinction, over a war about power? we wiped 75% of  our population, as an army, this…this is just a girl” he was trying to convince them to not make the same mistake again, but his words were ignored.

He looked to the way Luna was sitting, he watched her look almost hypnotized by the Moon as she was smiling, she was happy. The captain approached to Oscar and said “Soldier, I need you to go get her for me, and send her to the lab, since she trusts you, it will be easier for you to attack her. Smack her on the back of her head unconscious and bring her to the lab room, if you don’t do this, you will prove to be unworthy of keeping our nation safe…therefore you will be executed, so we save our supplies, I will still send another man to do it, but I want you to be the one, you will be more gentle because you care for her” he laughed manically as he said this and walked away. Oscar looked down in sadness, the captain was right, he cared for Luna, she was like the sister he lost at war, sadly he could not disobey the order, the Captain would still send someone else and he thought  “better me than someone that’s heartless and brutal” he slowly walked near her, stood behind her and smacked her on the back of her head with his rifle, laving her unconscious. He started crying looking at her body on the ground, so fragile, so innocent…remembering her last expression to be of a relaxing smile, enjoying what she saw in the world, and it’s sky, he wrapped his arms around her, picked her fragile body and carried her with care as he walked into the lab room, he looked at the captain smiling, in joy of the terrible action he made Oscar commit. Oscar was furious but he gently lies Luna on the table and tells the captain “I will not be here to see this barbaric decision of yours, Captain. I did my part so I’m gone from this room”

The Captain did not care for Oscar’s words and he quickly restrained Luna on the table, then told to the other soldier “Wait for her to be awake, I need you to scoop out her gem of eyes, I need those Amethyst, and I want her to feel how she loses her value here, on this table, by us. Aliens shouldn’t be thinking they can overpower us, they should fear us” the other soldier nodded and smiled in joy, for he was also comfortable with barbaric actions after all they went through, this was going to be easy.

Twenty minutes later, she wakes up scared and cried for help “Oscar! please let me go” the captain approached to her and said “Oscar is not here, he left after he brought you, and no, nobody will release you” she started crying desperately in fear, feeling helpless for she had nobody to care for her, no family that will miss her. The other soldier who stood by the captain the whole time, grabbed a scoop spatula and asked the Captain “Do I do it now, SIr?” The captain smiled and nodded at him, the soldier quickly approached to Luna and started scooping her eyes out, one by one, all that was heard was her agonizing cries of pain, her tears were purple, as amethyst that was being melted.

The Captain angrily yelled at Luna as she cried in pain “You are responsible of all of the things to come and I am going to stop that, so save yourself the cries and the act of being innocent, you damned alien abomination” she sobbed and looked at him answering “You mankind are the ones responsible of all destruction, and that is the irony, I have come to life to live life, just like any of us do, I don’t know how I came to this world, but so you don’t, you humans don’t know your origin either and yet you judge me…” she said all this words crying in pain, softly. “You have taken my eyes, and now I can’t see the Moon again…it saddens me, but I am alive” The Captain interrupted “Oh honey, you won’t be alive any long. Soldier, kill this fucking bitch”.

Oscar was outside staring at the Moon in the memory of Luna, he kept hearing her faint crying from afar and he noticed how the Moon shattered, he was startled and ran back into the lab room to stop the mistake “Captain, she is the energy we need in our world, you are destroying that, stop it please!” The Captain laughed at him and said “Pathetic, Oscar. This is not your little sister, this is a damn abomination. She will be destroyed and I will save the world” The other soldier held a long knife and looked at both Oscar and the Captain “Will you make up your mind?” he said. The Captain furiously told the soldier “I said, you kill that bitch, Oscar is nobody so do it as I say”

Oscar tried to stop the mistake and he left the room in disappointment, sat down where Luna used to sit down and looked at the shattered Moon, then the loudest scream Luna ever made in agonizing pain as she was stabbed in the heart, releasing the energy that Nature stored inside her, that massively powerful energy that incinerated the entire planet in a split second.

Men have failed Nature again, because they can’t overcome their fear of what they can’t understand.

Pearls — 26 July, 2015


I slightly open my eyes and I hear the faint screams of my mother from afar, “she has gone, she has gone!” it’s all I heard, what was she talking about? we were at a park and I was just here enjoying the grass on my back and the breeze caressing all my skin. Suddenly, my very angry mother grabs me by my arm, pulling me up and yelling at me, “How dare you, how dare you ignore the fact that your little sister is gone, you should be helping instead of being so fucking selfish”.

I had not a word to respond to her, but I stared at her very angry, because whatever happens is “always” my fault, I walk away and just speak to my father instead, “where did you last see her?”, he was sobbing and taking a while to respond so I yelled at him “I AM ASKING YOU, WHERE WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW HER?” he looked at me and said “she was just in the swinger with the other kids, right there by that big tree”.  I looked at the tree and it was just so tall and wide, I thought she might be hiding back there, so I look around it…did not find her, simply found a little pearl just thrown right there in front of me, thought it might belong to one of the noisy children that have been running around, not even concerned that the friend they were playing with, my sister, has vanished.

“Hey kids! do you know what’s this?” one little boy quickly ran to me, picked it up from my hands and smiled at me, then he responded “It’s what the fairy always drops when she finds a new treasure, to show us how grateful she is”, as fascinating it sounded I asked the boy again “Tell me the truth, do you know where is this from? it was just at the spot where my sister was last seen, and I need to find her”. The little boy got worried and looked down as he told me “…the red-haired girl on a pink dress, is that your sister?” I frown concerned about how worried he got when he recognized who I am looking for, “so, do you know where she is gone to?” I asked the little boy, to which he answered “I don’t know, but they say the fairy takes them to the other side of the waterfall in a river nearby, I won’t show you where, I am scared…” the little boy ran away, he was seriously scared.

I go back to my parents, who were busy talking to the cops, asking for help on the search of my sister and I interrupt their chatter “Hey mom, dad? I am going on a mission myself to find her” I looked at the cop and saw he did not even care a bit to try find her, so I had to do it. My mother yelled at me “You are not going anywhere”and abruptly sobbing, she says “I am not losing you either”, I told her “Well, sadly I am still going to do it” and I walked away, to find that river the kid mentioned. I must be insane enough to believe this kid’s fairy tale, but the look on his face was quite convincing.

The road on the way to the river was actually the most beautiful place I have seen, flowers of every kind and color, the green, just pure emerald-green, every leaf and grass bathed on droplets of the humidity in there. I finally see the river and the waterfall. The water was falling over rocks that sort of made a face of a woman, it looked like the rocks were crying, that could be why the little boy said it was the fairy. I stopped for a few seconds and laughed at myself, thinking of how stupid the idea of just getting in there, getting all my clothes wet, believing there is an entrance behind the waterfall, that there could actually be a “kidnapping fairy”, but then I asked myself “what am I going to lose for trying, Sara might be in there, scared and confused, I have to.

As soon as I jump into the river and start heading closer to the waterfall I could hear faint screams, I started being extremely frightened, my heartbeat was strong enough that I could think it was right by my ear, I kept going until I finally stand behind the waterfall. There was no entrance, I was simply standing on a spot where the falling water looked like curtains to me. I felt stupid, thinking how my parents would just think I left to have some fun swimming instead of looking for my sister. A fisherman saw me, laughing at me, then yelled “If you believe in that stupid myth of the fairy that cried enough to create this river, you are wasting your time. Get out of there, kid…you can hurt yourself” I breathe with disappointment and got out of there as quickly as I could, but I told the fisherman about the pearl by the ancient tree and my missing sister. He said “your sister is dead, is all I can say, go home with your parents and stay safe” I got angry because I needed more than just that so I asked him again, in a very irritated tone “Dead? why the Hell would she be dead, how? why? and who did that?” He grabbed the beer can he just finished drinking and tells me “Do you fucking think I know everything, kid?, all I know is that anyone that goes missing in that spot and a pearl is left behind is dead. My little sister, 43 years ago vanished the same way as yours, and here I am pretending that I am fishing, but in reality I am hoping she just appears again” as I heard this, I started to panic, wondering what exactly could be capable of that, in just a slight second, in the blink of an eye, that person is just gone, forever maybe, but what does that pearl mean, why is that left behind? to torture myself with all these sickening questions and doubts I have, the worrying for her?

I walked back to that ancient tree, I was all soaked, looked like a total mess, and I could faintly hear my parents yelling at me, but I was purposely ignoring them, focusing on what was up with that tree, gently and carefully I touched it trying to feel if there was something abnormal, but it was just a tree like any other. I turned around to tell my parents the sad news and the story of the poor fisherman who lives now all bitter because of what happened to his sister, but sadly I was in a strange room, I was confused and felt nauseous, did I got taken away too? I did not see anyone, or anything by my side when it happened, and I could be millions of miles away, how the Hell is that possible in just a second? I carefully looked around and saw my sister tied up in a strange table, I also saw an old lady in there, both of them with tubes all over their arms, probably to keep them alive, or feed them. But I knew who they all were. I asked the old lady, who I assume was the fisherman’s sister “Where is this place? can you please tell me?” She cried and said “we are in Hell…we are being punished for touching the sanctified Lady’s tears before they would fall to the river, those curtains we call the waterfall, it upsets her…so here we are” That is not possible, there was no lady around me when I vanished! You must be delus-, she interrupted me before I finished “Girl, the nature work altogether, the tree…that’s the portal, did you see the pearl too?” I said “Yes, and a little boy told me it was left by the fairy as a sign of gratitude” the old lady smiled and nodded as she said “Yes, she is grateful to have collect more souls of the naive and disrespectful children, that pearl, is just dried up soul’s shell hidden in something beautiful, something that will make the living remember you….oh, yes…we are dead”.

[A Royalty without Loyalty] — 2 June, 2015

[A Royalty without Loyalty]

Many years ago, during an unknown timeline, a King and a Queen had two beautiful children, twins in fact. A boy and a girl, the King was joyful to have his male heir, he told the Queen “The heir shall be the first one to born, he was born in the daylight, under the Sun’s warm light” the Queen smiled in agreement and said “and she was born under the Moon’s light, quite calm and silent, she will make a great noble woman that will listen to us in order to succeed in life, a true mother figure she would make, the best in the world and all the worlds”

But one day, a very evil old man snuck into the castle and took away the newborn boy, thinking “oh what a lovely bounty you will give me, seeing as you are a royal male heir meant to save the land, I shall raise you will my swarm of all evils and change the oncoming pasts” he manically laughed as he ran out of the castle without the guards ever noticing his very own foul presence.

Many years after the King’s son was taken away has passed, he loved both his children very much equally, but as the Queen said, the girl was born under the energy of a very peaceful, calm and silent Moon that night, she couldn’t rule the kingdom for she would be easily fooled and dethroned because her kindness wouldn’t allow her to admit the evil in the world. The King never gave up on her, though, he spent all the years, as she grew up, training her sword fighting skills, trying to find the strength in her, even if it was just physical strength. The Queen was very furious by this and told the King “she is not our boy, let her be the maiden she wants to be” The king ignored her, as for the girl would remain silent and not give any opinion because she truly had no opinion about her life, she only had one thing in mind. She looked at her father and said “I must find my brother, I shall bring the balance back home, this is why I haven’t hesitate to become strong as you want me to be, father”
The King laughed and asked her “why do you think strength will serve you on finding your brother? We need location, not a fight, that’s what the guards are for”, the girl smiled after hearing this and said “correct, they are the reason my brother was taken away”. The King was a bit furious, but not with her, but with the fact she was right, so he did not oppose to her willing quest of finding where the boy was.

The young lady grabbed all of her armor, her weapon and her horse from the stables to head into the place the King mostly feared, thinking “Well if they wanted to hide something valuable from the King, that’s where it would be, the Forest of All Disappointments” she took a deep breath before setting on her way, because she was still insecure of her strength. Once in the forest she encountered a beautiful castle, it was pure white, reminded her of the Moon she loves to stare at during the night and she wondered “a King would steal from another King for power competence, I think that’s where my brother could be”. She jumped off the horse and told to it “as you were trained, if I am not out in 5 hours, go home and drop this letter in front of the gate” she gently put the letter, which had a little piece of string waxed to its edge, and braided it on the horses’ hair”, petted the horse as she said ” if I do come out, though, I will dispose of it, so worry not and just wait”. She knocked on the castle’s gate, and nobody responded until a few hours later. A very tall and gloomy looking man opened the door with a hollow grin on his face as he remained silent. “Sir, I am looking for the King of his castle, I want to make a deal with him. Is he available?” The man kept staring at her while grinning at her but no answer. “Sir? Hello? Do you understand my language?…the people in the forest may speak something e–” she got interrupted by the King of the Pure castle, “I’m sorry young…Maiden? Soldier? My servant here is quite unfamiliar with guests, we really never have anyone come in here, you see how it’s well hidden? We were banished by the other castle and their royalty…those traitors!” He said that slightly getting more furious by every word spoken and then he calmed and looked at her and said “I’m sorry, I don’t meant to scare you, come inside young lady”

She walked into the castle and unlike the outside, it was pure dark, there was no lightning in, not even torches on the walls, and the walls were mossy and grey bricks, the humidity and the lack of the Sun light has made it look terrible inside, every window was sealed ,it scared the girl very much. “Why do you have to live in such a dark place, King of the Pure castle?” The King answered right after sitting on his throne, “Well, the story, in a short version, is that two who are born in the same day and cannot rule a kingdom, so one had to be sent away by the father to keep things balanced” as she heard this she started shaking with fear and joy at same time, the king she was looking at, was her brother, she found him, she smiled at him and said “Brother it’s me, I know we only lasted a few hours beside each other but my parents never rested thinking of where you had been, you were not sent away, you were taken from us. I became a soldier of some sort, just to gain the strength enough so I could find you again” He felt confused by hearing all of this, he told her “stay here” he remained quiet after that as he walked around the room and later on he walked into another room.

The young lady was wondering what was happening, she saw it was close for her horse to leave, she waited patiently though, as she knew her mission that she worried for, in her whole life, was finally completed. Meanwhile the king was in his “Father’s” personal room, the creepy grinning man who opened the gates for the maiden, and asked him “What does she mean I was taken away? You told me you found me at the gates of this castle of yours with a note that the King of the other side did not want two heirs, you offered me your love and gave me this kingdom but why?, please explain me what’s going on!” the man stopped grinning and started frowning as he said “I want you to understand how it feels like to be banished from your home, Kingdom, because your father really wouldn’t have like you and your sister to compete over the throne, previous families have murder each other for it, that’s why I am apart from my brother, who is your father. I did a favor to you, gave you your own kingdom to rule and avoided a heart-aching but tragic story to your family” the King was angry but relieved and content that he felt that he was already home and had no need to go back to the other side “So.. what do we do now? She wants to leave the place with me, and if you go against it, she might slay you” the King said this and the young lady was listening to the conversation behind the door. The man said “Well, the reason I was smiling it’s because, she no doubt, looks quite delicious, I was thinking we should have her for dinner, as we had previously with the people who attempted to get something from us” The King, her brother, agreed to this and she was in fear, but remained calmed as she was born, and just pretended that she heard nothing. The man said “Just tell her that she should stay here for the night before you go back with her, lie to her, pretend that you’re truly happy being with her once again”.

The King and The Man walked out of the room and saw the young lady sitting by the dinning table, she said to them “I’m quite hungry, aren’t you, my dear brother?” And smiled at him with a look of pure love and joy. “I want you to sit by my side so we can have dinner together as I have longed for, so many years”. The King smiled and nodded politely “Fair enough, we both deserve it” and he sat right by her side. The Man was quite joyful seeing that she was falling for it “he started to grin again as he walked into the kitchen “to bring the food”, which really was that he will be looking for every necessary tool to keep a soldier like her, stay still, and be nicely cooked, he wanted her cooked alive. It was a more pleasant revenge upon his brother, destroying both his children differently and leaving the other side with nothing but grief.

The King smiled at his sister while waiting on The Man, she said “You know, I’m happy we could meet before death. I’m sorry for everything you have gone through, but from now on, things we will be back the way they were meant to be” she reached him to give him a hug, she was holding a knife that was well hidden, with the knife she stabbed his brother’s neck rapidly and held him as he bled to death. “I’m sorry father, I’m sorry brother, but you have shown to be the weak and the fool, fool enough to not see that The Man never gave a damn about you, you allowed the insecurity and depression of an evil old man manipulate you, not worth of any realm. May you rest in peace” she got up and stood by the kitchens door hiding to the side against the wall, waiting to strike against The Man. As he walked out with ropes and axes to butcher her he looked around seeing nobody was there anymore “where the Hell did these two go to?” As he says this, the young lady was right behind him and stabbed him on his knees to make him fall on the ground, incapacitated. “I’m sorry, sir…Uncle?” He was in shock realizing she heard his plan all along and screamed loudly as she approached her knife right into his throat, and she stabbed him once more, but this time it was to death. She wanted to let him know how he had failed, to suffer one last time for all he had done in the name of revenge. “This was not revenge, I did nothing but free you both from idiocy and grudge, which is not worthy for any man. May you rest in peace” she later on decided to get rid off their bodies so she butchered them and decided to consume them as they were going to do to her.

Days later she decided to go home, now that everything was cleaned up. She took a deep breath and walked outside the gates, the horse was still there. “Stubborn horse but loyal, that’s why I brought you with me. It’s all over, we go home now” she stripped the letter off the horse’s braid and headed back home to give her father the wonderful news.

And this is how the one born to be weak, had defied fate and became stronger, stronger than any who ever ruled any kingdom, her calm attitude helped her focus on her missions, her patience made their actions perfectly performed, her constant silence among others kept her from getting in trouble. That, that is pure strength, and makes one to be worthy of the most valuable. For mankind has been easily deceived having and not having her traits, but she fought back everyday, constantly, telling herself she would be and get to be wherever she desired without letting others description about herself drive her off her path.

[Monotone] — 31 May, 2015


“Many years after today, a little boy was laying on the ground by my side, connecting his head with mine as we looked upon the Night Sky and its Stars that were dancing in a spiral form, looking as if they were falling into an invisible void, never ending. The boy asked “Whenever I see the triangle pass by the circle, do I have to choose one of them or can I just stay here and watch?” I softly smiled as his question was somewhat associated with other current issues our society was going through, as the Earth kept dancing in Space. The most curious thing was, that all we were seeing, it was colorless. To the left side of me there was a pillar with a circle-shaped Lightning was trapped and guarded by a rabid dog, to the right side of me there was a triangle-shaped Lightning trapped and guarded by a couple from an ancient tribe that was resurrected without the permission of the Nature’s law of order. Everything was beautiful, including the dangerous living things around us, the gravity slowly decaying and letting us fall into an unknown and probably infinite abyss, even though there was no color, it could trigger more emotions in my soul than any color that could ever exist.”

Nothing Is Something From Nowhere — 10 May, 2015

Nothing Is Something From Nowhere

One night, as I was sitting on my bed staring straight forward to my wall, I became extremely drowsy with no known reason. My vision turned blurry, my entire body became numb and my head would slightly shake side to side as it was too heavy to remain still, you could say I just started getting out of balance, losing myself in a way? or perhaps I was just on my way to where I truly belong, beyond the current reality and time I’m so persistently fighting against. It was a short battle that lasted a few seconds, shorter than one word could describe, I could see the other side as I was crossing by, while my eyes couldn’t hold it’s windows open anymore.


A tingling sensation all under my skin as I feel like part of my energy inside it’s falling down into a non-existent abyss that lies inside me, I wonder if I hit that end I would completely lose my entire consciousness or perhaps go even beyond that. The things I was looking at, before I started crossing the other side, suddenly became like flashing little lights that would travel like desperate fleeing bugs, I could hear those images buzzing as their speed slowed down, heavy eyelids and extremely light body does not quite synchronize and I have lost my balance. I could keep fighting it or just let myself go. Finally the windows are closed, a sudden darkness passes by. “I made it to the other side I was trying to run from” it’s all I could think of as I was looking right into an empty valley of forgotten winds where the sleeping carrion travel with. I wasn’t looking for anything, but it found me either way, the light, the entrance to the actual reality. I could not run from it, I could not hide, in just a blink…I was shown that nothing I have lived was ever true and that it all was nothing but a dream. The dream of a delusional mind

Stranded Warrior —

Stranded Warrior

With my eyes closed I could still hear the sound of the rain as it fell on the ground, I feel so exhausted so I try to slowly open my eyes.Some of the images I immediately gazed at, I could hear the sounds of it before it was even seen…my emotions? they are all mixed up right now, I feel somehow excited, concerned, a bit worried but I just stand and look around me. I notice that I am among other people wearing uniforms, not all are the same but they gave the similar type of message, soldiers, we are all soldiers here. I suppose the quality of the gear we are wearing is according to our social class because I’m wearing the worse rag I could have never imagine myself in this position.Suddenly I stopped feeling worried as I see a familiar face approach to me and smiling tells me “Are you excited about today? we are going to buy things at the mall that we will use in the field trip” I could see that she was a friend of mine even though I had no idea of her name, how and why we are friends. I wanted to interrupt her chatter and ask all of these questions but I didn’t because I knew what was happening at the moment might not even real, I could still be dreaming that I’m dreaming, the best I could do was smile back and continue as it was normal. The most curious thing about the platoon I was in, was this little guy…at first I thought he was a dwarf or something similar until I am told that he is just a 7 years old kid whose parents forced into the military to protect the child from the corrupt kids in the civilian life.

And here we start marching, chanting words I never heard of before but I knew all of it, I start to feel like I’m somehow programmed, ironically, that’s what every soldier is, isn’t it? Well why complain about something I apparently decided to be, I shouldn’t and that’s for sure, but I had the feeling that something was not quite right, a little loose screw on what’s meant to hold my world in the right place, it starts raining a lot so we decide not to go shopping as we were to, we head back to our camp and there I sit in the tent, staring outdoors and thinking of what exactly am I missing, I could feel there was part of me missing and I needed to find it, perhaps I’m just homesick, homesick of a place that I don’t really know where it is or if it actually IS existent. I tell my friend by my side, her name was Elisa, I say “I’m sorry I have been very quiet today, I’m feeling very out-of-place and I am not sure why”, Elisa chuckled a little and looked at me while slowly shaking her head “You know, it’s normal, to feel out of place…because that’s exactly where we are right now. You are fine, we will be fine”. I didn’t want to over-think about what I just heard so I let a sigh come out of me and I close my eyes again, hearing the same rain I did before I woke up today.This time I’m awaken by the ‘little guy’, even though he tugged my shirt and shook me awake, he looked extremely adorable. He haves very dark brown eyes, pale round face and rosy cheeks, curly dark brown hair and wearing a little military uniform but missing the cap, he reminded me so much of my brother I just smiled at him and I ask “What is wrong? you almost gave me a heart attack” All he says is “I need to go home, mother is waiting for me. Please take me there, I’ll show you where it is” to which I reply “We can’t leave, this is our place now, this is where we work” and he frowns and insists, saying “But is not out of the camp! please take me there”, I take a deep breath, calmly and smiling at him, then I grab his hand and let him follow me to this place he calls “home”. We walked about 2 hours around the area, as soon as he stops walking all I notice is that we are just standing on a field full of sand, there was nothing else but sand. “is it here? are you sure of it?”- I asked. He just grabs a pocket knife he had, I am startled because I thought he was gonna do something crazy, I mean, knives are weapons. But I see him kneel and just stabs the sand we are standing. He says, “There! we must wait until they respond my knock” I remain silent as I watch and pay attention to the silence around me and make sure I can react over whatever that was going to respond to us. Suddenly, after a few 10-15 minutes the ground gently shakes and I see a gigantic centipede-looking creature sprout out of the sand, I move back quickly as I see it leaning down to us, I didn’t want anything bad to happen, I was AWOL from the camp. The little boy yells at me “no, you have to trust it, let it swallow you in, that’s how we get there”, obviously from where I feel I truly come from, that is not a natural thing to happen, I refuse and I believe the kid is looking for the type of home afterlife. “No, we have to go! we can’t risk ourselves into this silly thing, let’s leave right now. Please” the kid, runs towards the creature and it gets swallowed by it, I was enraged, fell on my knees and angrily decided to grab the knife he left, I felt it was all my fault, after all…he was a minor under my sight, from my platoon. I run towards the creature and try to kill it. What was I thinking, really? that a little knife would destroy that? am I just doing anything stupid out of anger? Most likely. But I got swallowed in as well.

To my surprise, I did not die, or well..that’s how it seemed. But I was just in a very strange area, my surroundings looked like the inside of an abandoned ancient ship, a metal one, a bit rusty…dust everywhere, some of the sand in. I notice that wherever I got in from had the shape of a placenta, I could see the little kid in one of them inside, like we were consumed by that creature safely getting us underground in a form that looks like being carried in a gigantic womb from a metal “being”, I see him in a placenta and i grab the knife and cut it open, he slides out of it and coughs and thanks me to bring him back to his mom. I suppose his mother is that ship…the underground was home. It started making a little sense to me in this weird reality I was standing on. I ask the kid “is there a way for me to get out of your Mother?” he was a bit thoughtful and then answers “oh yes, I have some Jellyfishes that can fly you back up, if you want?” I didn’t even question the logic of it but of course I want to get out of there so I agree with it. Seems like he was right, they did fly my up to the surface. Even though all of these strange events were causing me a little of confusion and headaches, I was very glad I helped him, he is glad to be home I can go back to the camp feeling at peace.

As soon as I get back to the camp I see every tent all knocked over the places, the fireplaces were recently blown off, no wind, no rain, something happened and I could see it, I was sure of it. I’m pretty scared now because I am all by myself, from afar I notice these “soldiers” they clearly are not allies, not part of my crew, I knew they were enemies, I could feel it, I hid between some trees near the camp and carefully watched them. These things weren’t human at all, whatever they were, they were vicious, physically they looked like some type of reptilian, not the kind I had ever seen before or anyone had, the kind of what we would only believe true from a very horrific nightmare. They had head similar to an alligator’s, the body of a lizard, their arms were tentacles with a sharp nail that looked just like a blade, it could stretch up to 40 yards as I could notice one grabbing another of their kind and stabbing him that way killing it instantly in half a second and proceeded to suck on his neck, draining some power out of him, it seemed. As soon as it was done feeding on his partner he became stronger, bigger and faster. I was so scared, I could run as fast as I wanted but they could reach me anytime if they gained more power, I couldn’t get any near and fight them, I’d be dead in half a second or less like what I have just seen. I slowly walk in the woods trying to find where I could hide. Walking all the way downhill slowly I thought I could probably go back safely to my home, but then I remembered I am not even sure where exactly I am or who I am, but I want to get out of there safely, be back home, and have the normal life I had before I closed my eyes for the first time. I stopped to listen my surroundings, I stopped thinking as well, my thoughts never allow me to clearly listen, my mind has a voice off its own. I heard branches snap and I knew it was them smelling me from afar, trying to find me and not sure what would happen if I’m found. I run forward trying to find a place to hide until I just notice a little cave underground, the entrance to the cave was half closed, it was from the surface going straight down to the core of Earth but not deep at all, enough to hide my entire body, though. so that’s what I do, I dive in it and on the only half that’s left on the entrance I slowly scratch that  “ceiling” making enough space for an opening  so I can breathe in some air and not drown, because I am not sure if I will have to stay here forever. When demons suddenly appear to be chasing you, it is a risk to take, you either face it or just run for your life. I chose to run for my life and I’m not sure why because I wasn’t even sure if I was living at all, I simply had a mission in mind. I had to go home, I had to be back to my home that lost its balance. It’s the reason why I’m stranded because I let my world fall apart or because I just don’t know who I am? That is what I keep asking myself, today, as I remain underwater.

An Unexpected Meeting — 5 May, 2015

An Unexpected Meeting

It was 1am when the howling winds announced the presence of the darkness as it began surrounding this house, as I heard from afar, the echoing footsteps heading towards my current position blended with the strange silenced that suddenly fell upon us, making it known that silence itself is something worse to fear compared to the unknown and strange sounds, for it tends to be broken by a sudden noise that startles our senses.

Not long has passed for me to decided on checking how our “Night Star” was shinning above us, as it’s well-known that The Moon is always strangely related to every uncommon change in our world, encoded through shape, hue and strength of its brightness which it possess. Now, to my surprise, The Moon was gone or maybe it was never there? I only knew that this was just five minutes after the wind wrapped itself around me, with it’s eerie howling causing the Lights to run from where they belong, it’s just The Storm.

The footsteps finally stopped, right in front of me, a faint voice was coming from the shadowy humanoid shape, a silhouette, but the voice’s words weren’t something comprehend…just as it weren’t from this world, at the moment I could not see what or who it was right here in my room, there was not a single spark of light just pure darkness and a heavy silence. I could not even hear my own breathing, even though my heart was beating extremely fast and I could feel as it were going to jump out through my chest, I could not even hear the beatings. I was extremely afraid of this “unknown visitor” and more afraid I was to not be able to see its face or encode what exactly were the meanings of those words. I was too scared to even scream for help, there could be far more in this dark space than I could perceive so I remained silent until the time had come.

A sudden lightning strikes and I was able to recognize the face, the face was of a man, and that man was myself. The odds are that in this very strange night the absence of the night star caused my reflection to separate from its origin, making it go wild and live on its own, simply because the light was no more. As much as this scared me, I have come to gratefully realize, to understand that we can’t even recognize ourselves, not even in the silent dark while by yourself, not even leaving your own side, not even knowing that you are just afraid of getting to know the unknown in the depth of your mind. This is how fear was born in this world, in my world, for the first time known to myself.

“Man fears men upon his own reflection which is the only known reason his mind can comprehend”

The Wrong Journey — 4 May, 2015

The Wrong Journey

I was in a deep slumber when I woke up to the sight of a beautiful surrounding I seem to be standing at, no words could describe the colors that aren’t known to us, logically I went on a journey to explore this place, the buildings or houses were made from the very roots that sprouted from the ground itself, they were immense, the sky had a peach color tone and the breeze smelled of lavender. Such beauty, but usually beauty has a monstrous, hideous and terrifying side, that is yet unknown to me at this point, I thought “hey, I’ll walk inside that house and see how it is inside”.

Once inside, there was a great silence, the only thing to be heard were my slight footsteps as I cautiously walked around and a fireplace somewhere in there. The furniture was beautifully crafted with an unknown hard wood, I slid my fingertips on a shelf the contained strange figurines, one of them caught my attention, it’s appearance was odd, I found its origin to be of a very creative mind yet disturbing. It was a body with no head, arms and legs resting on the ground of the shelf, simulating a spider pose.

Many hours has passed and nobody else or nothing else in this world has come into this house, I am getting hungry and I start thinking of taking a look and find what would be fridge in this world, I heard a thump as I try to get up from this chair I was resting on, my heartbeat started racing as I was thinking “the owner might be here and I don’t know who or what it could be, I don’t know anything of this world” the thumping sounds kept
increasing as my head felt it was spinning, headache, drowsy and slowly falling onto ground.

I feel that I opened my eyes but everything is completely dark, I still hear the thumping sounds, but this time there was a faint prayer of many voices and sobbing. Now I felt more scared than ever because I realized I had been buried alive, I start screaming and kicking the coffin from inside, I know nobody can be able to hear me, and if they did, they would think their minds are imagining my desperate screams for help because they are grieving for me.

All I could think was “I must keep fighting, hitting, kicking and screaming until my last breathe, even though I know I am already a dead man”.